DA ready for 2014 elections

Councillor Nico Botha

Councillor Nico Botha

The Democratic Alliance in Jeffreys Bay is gearing up for the National and Provincial elections that will take place in 2014.

The actual date of the election has yet to be announced.

DA Councillors had an Info Table at the Spar Center last Friday and helped voters to check if they were registered to vote in the 2014 election.

There was a bit of confusion among voters, some of whom thought that Municipal elections will also be held next year.

“The next Municipal election will be held in 2016 and that when we will vote to decide who will run the Kouga Municipality for the next 5 years”, explained DA Councillor Nico Botha.

“However, we urge all voters to make sure they are registered to vote and if you have recently moved to Jeffreys Bay, then we need to re-register you as well.” added Botha.

IF anyone is unsure if they are registered or not, you can send an email to democrat@truewan.co.za and the DA will check for you.

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