DA grows in country wide by-elections

The Democratic Alliance has shown growth in by-elections held across South Africa during the week.

DA In our future constitution

The results show that the DA is growing in communities across the country, from the Chief Albert Luthuli municipality in rural Mpumalanga to Pomfret in the North West province.

The results returned so far suggest the DA has achieved massive growth in Tlokwe, winning 13.47% of the vote in a safe ANC ward where we are up from 5 % of the vote.

Significantly, the ANC dropped to just 50,52% of the vote, its lowest ever result.

We are also pleased to now be in a position to take over control of the Oudtshoorn council in the Western Cape.

Some other significant results from  include: –

  • DA retained Berg Rivier ward 5 (Western Cape), a very marginal ward where the ANC campaigned heavily.
  • DA won Oudtshoorn ward 13, meaning we can now govern the council.
  • DA achieved a result of 22% in Zeerust ward 12 (North West), where we only achieved 3 % in 2011.
  • DA achieved 21.78% of the vote in Pomfret (North West), up from 3,25% in 2011.
  • DA grew our share of the vote from 9% to 20% in Silobela (Mpumalanga) .

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