What is DAWN all about?

DAWN stands for the Democratic Alliance Womens Network.

DA Dawn

Are you passionate about addressing issues that affect women in South Africa today – such as rape, domestic violence, child support and access to antiretroviral drugs, to name but a few? Do you want to help us make a difference?

Then please share your concerns and your ideas with us, and JOIN our growing network of women around South Africa.

DAWN aims to:

Promote the empowerment and development of women and build their self-confidence to stimulate and activate initiatives
Promote amongst women consciousness of accountability, patriotism and unity
Promote women’s participation in every sector of public life and
Promote a healthy culture and recognition of women’s rights as human rights.

We believe the issues facing women can only be truly addressed if all women unite to create awareness and find solutions.

So make your voice heard and get involved today!

You can do so by contacting Councillor Frances Baxter via baxter.kouga@gmail.com

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