Disband the National Youth Development Agency

The NYDA has continuously proven itself to be nothing more than an employment agency for the ANC Youth League and has become a liability.

NYDA scrap da youth

The DA reiterates its call for the NYDA to be disbanded and its funds to be allocated towards improving the lives of millions of unemployed youths.

The latest scandal to hit the NYDA is its plan to spend R10 million on the South African Youth Awards ceremony this year.

Given the poor track record of the NYDA, and with millions of young South Africans without access to job opportunities, it is simply not justifiable for the organisation to spend such an exorbitant amount on a single event.

The funding sought for the awards from sponsors would be better spent on initiatives designed to facilitate youth employment initiatives.

The DA believes that NYDA should rather be focusing on initiatives designed to improve the lives of South Africa’s youth, such as the Youth Wage Subsidy.

Award ceremony events like this only serve to augment the public profiles of NYDA executives, and do nothing to create new opportunities for unemployed youth.

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