Permission granted to open the Seekoei River

The Kouga Municipality is hard at work with heavy machinery to open the mouth of the Seekoei River mouth and thus enable construction to continue on the Paradise Beach causeway.

Seekoei river flooding

The Seekoei River in flood


The causeway has technically been closed since 9 April to replace culverts damaged in heavy flooding in 2011.

Leader of the DA in Kouga, Elza Van Lingen has been hard at work behind the scenes in facilitating the necessary permission being granted from Environmental Affairs to manually open the mouth of the Seekoei River.

“I would like to thank the residents of Paradise Beach for bearing with us during this time. We understand just how much their lives have been affected with the causeway being closed and we are looking forward to construction being completed”, said Van Lingen.

The DA will continue to monitor the situation until the causeway is once again operational.

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2 Responses to “Permission granted to open the Seekoei River”

  1. Rose Greyling Says:

    Thanks Elsa for uplifting news regarding the completion of repairs to the Causeway. Rose Greyling

  2. tappe Says:

    So a two month contract has now changed in to a six month contract, I realy hope that the “contractor” will daily be monitored by couselors !!!!
    We need this contract to be completed !!

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