Sewage spill in Pellsrus

Residents of Pellsrus awoke this morning to the sight and smell of raw sewage running in their streets and in their gardens.

sewage spill

These sewage spills are unfortunately not uncommon in Pellsrus, as well as the wider Jeffreys Bay.

After the DA receiving several calls for help, Councillor Brenton Williams investigated the problem.

“The cause of the sewage spill in Pellsrus has been identified. The pipe running next to Duine Road is blocked with sand. The Municipality has requested that a high pressure blaster truck come and blast the pipes clean”, reported Williams.

Hopefully this means the sewage spill will be sorted out this morning. However, the fact remains that the sewage infrastructure in Jeffreys Bay is under severe pressure and more sewage spills will occur in the future, until the problem is adequately addressed.

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