Update on the Seekoei River causeway

There is some progress regarding the causeway that spans the Seekoei River, linking Paradise beach with Aston Bay.

Seekoei River in flood.

Seekoei River in flood.

The Department of Roads/Public Roads graded the gravel road last week and according to residents, the surface of the road has improved as a result.

Feedback has been received from Environmental Affairs regarding the opening of the Seekoei River Mouth. The Kouga Municipality has received permission to do so but it is subject to certain conditions being met first.

The Municipality is focusing is on meeting these conditions asap so that the contractor can return to work.


2 Responses to “Update on the Seekoei River causeway”

  1. tappe Says:

    So funny why the surface and sides could not have been attended to while they where waiting for permission to open the mouth !!!
    Waist coulkd have been removed !
    That gravel road stays a danger to travellers !!!!!

  2. Rose Greyling Says:

    Please, please finish the bridge as soon as possible. The gravel road is only a temporary obtion, a decent and safe road to Jeffreys Bay is of utter importance.

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