Paradise Beach causeway – the facts

There has been a lot of speculation about what is happening with the repair work on the causeway spanning the Seekoei River and residents have even taken the law into their own hands and re-opened the causeway during the weekend.

The culvert that has collapsed on the causeway

The culvert that has collapsed on the causeway

Fact 1 – The contractor

There is no truth in the rumour that the contractor has walked off the job and will not be returning.

When it became apparent that the estuary was filling up with water from recent rains as well as an solstice high tide that breached the closed mouth, a decision was made that it was pointless to continue to pump water out of the small coffer dams so that work could be done on the culverts.

The agreement was that the causeway would be opened and work would recommence once Environmental Affairs had granted permission to open the mouth or when the mouth naturally opened to the sea.

On the day the contractor was tidying up the site in order to re-open the causeway, his heavy vehicle damaged one of the old culverts that needed to be replaced.

The broken culvert then resulted in the causeway being closed as it was clear that it is extremely dangerous to cross the causeway.

The contractor remains committed to finishing the repair work to the causeway and there is no need to be concerned.

Fact 2

The contractor never closed the mouth. The mouth naturally closed in late March/early April due to a natural flow of sand that takes place when heavy seas and huge flows of water occurs.

In fact the contractor tried to open the mouth and was chased off the beach by Environmental Affairs.

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Fact 3

The only reasonable solution to the problem is for the mouth of the Seekoei River to be opened and for some water to be drained from the estuary.

A site meeting was held this morning and a decision was made to once again approach Environmental Affairs and seek permission to open the mouth and thereby ensure repair work can continue.

There are apparently certain concerns Environmental Affairs have and the Municipality is busy addressing these concerns as a matter of urgency.

It is hoped that this process will be finalised this week. We will keep all residents updated with developments through emails as well as this blog and the print media.

In the meantime, it must be appreciated that residents are using the causeway entirely at their own risk and that without an engineer confirming that the causeway is safe to use, the Municipality cannot take the chance and allow people to use the causeway.

Accordingly the causeway will be closed to traffic. We understand the frustration the residents are feeling and are working to try bring about a speedy solution to what is a very serious problem.

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10 Responses to “Paradise Beach causeway – the facts”

  1. Rose Greyling Says:

    I am so glad that our complaints are noted. We are rate payers and as Paradise Beach is a suburb of Jeffreys Bay, it stands to reason that we require safe access to Jeffreys Bay. Also our property values are taking a knock. I am so glad however that steps will be taken to continue with repairs to the bridge, when conditions are favourable.Rose Greyling, resident of Paradise Beach.

  2. Natassja Says:

    I still don’t understand this on Friday when I drop my domestic there is no one there in the morning there is no one there. If you are behind why don’t work overtime. The bridge has been out of use since April we are going toward August now. We have to drive a terrible road to reach humanity a road which was promised to be kept maintained, but this is also not happening. Its bad enough that the streets of Paradise beach looks like the poorest area in the world, but now we cant even use the bridge. I don’t think any of you that don’t stay here understand the urgency of this getting done and sorted. Once again we have to pay but nothing gets done for me. This type of thing makes me doubt my country, I seriously cant believe that no one has taken this further or done anything. Some people get paid huge amounts but this is what we have to deal with. I am very unhappy about service delivery in this area. This is such a beautiful place but no one is maintaining it,

  3. Graeme Says:

    I fully agree with Natassja on all counts. What happened to the promises that the gravel road would be regularly graded? The road is virtually impassible in even the slightest rain. I have seen many accidents there in the past couple of weeks. If the contractor can’t work on the bridge GET HIM TO FIX THE ROAD!! The residents opened the bridge as they have no other options to go to town. People have to go to work, get their kids to school. Why are we paying rates and taxes for an area that is not accessible by road??

  4. Marie Bothma Says:

    Hoekom moes Paradysstrand se inwoners eers die reg in hul eie hande neem en die pad oopmaak voordat hulle ingelig word oor die situasie rondom die brug?
    Ek nooi almal uit om in die oggend vroeg, wanneer mense werk toe moet gaan en kinders by die skool moet kom, veral klein kindertjies, te kom kyk hoe koud daardie kinders kry en hoe ongerieflik dit is. Jy kan die frustrasie; ouers se jammerte op hul gesigte vir hul kinders sien – en niemand weet hoe lank dit nog so sal aangaan nie. Ouer mense wat moeilik loop – almal kan dit net eenvoudig nie bekostig om elke dag die ompad te ry nie! Vergeet nog die skade wat jou voertuig opdoen.
    Ek ondersteun die inwoners wat die pad oor die brug oopgemaak het – ons is almal opgevoede, verantwoordelike mense en sal die pad met die nodige versigtigheid gebruik. Dit word genoem dat ons geduldig moet wees, die brug sal wel herstel word – DIE VRAAG IS :
    WANNEER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • natassja Says:

      Marie geduld moet nie eers genoem word nie want ek is al verby daai punt ek moet 2/3 n week in PE toe ry al 5h party oggende het al amper n bokkie raakgery en myself in die proses amper verongeluk. Dis hoekom ek se hulle woorde beteken niks hulle sal nie die noodsaaklikheid hiervan verstaan todat hulle hier woon en ook gestrand is nie.

  5. Marie Bothma Says:

    Ek het nou net ‘n uitstekende plan gekry : Ek gaan Freek Robinson van Robertson Regstreeks vra om die saak te kom bekyk en met die betrokke persone onderhoude te voer en dit dan op TV uit te beeld sodat die hele land kan sien hoe dit hier lyk en waarvoor ons belasting betaal!

  6. alet roetz Says:

    Yes Natassja I ask this question too, where does our Rates and Taxes go too? Will somebody please answer?…………and Marie I and right behind you all the way….ek dink Freek sal dit nie glo nie, maar ek stem volkome saam. Want my opinie is net dat die brug gebreuk was om geld uit die “Rampfonds” tekry, en al die geld is in almal se gatsakke ingesteek, en nou is die brug net MEER gebreek!! Almal LAG vir AL die inwoners van Paradysstrand en vandag DRIE maande terug is die brug gesluit…..en daar gebeer ALSOLUUT NIKS!!!

  7. tappe Says:

    Ek stem saam as hierdie kontrakteur n ingeneer was sou hy n “brug”in n river kon bou, ek go hierdie was n sogenaamde “inhouse”kontrak waarvan Minisipale lede geweet het, ons op Paradysstrand “drink”al jare aan die agter speen. kyk ons paaie !””,sypaadjies,onbewone erwe.As dit in Jeffreys was was al wat Raadslid is al in “opstand”
    Oor die gety “wie wil in reen seisoen n lagoon probeer beheer!!!

  8. Michael Says:

    Fact 4

    Paradise Beach Residents are suffering due to the lack of/poor planning from all parties involved, Municipality, Contractor and Enviromental Affairs.
    Our vehicles are being serioulsy damaged on the dirt road that is not being maintained as was promised!
    We/i appreciate the DA jumping in but the residents are to put it in simple afrikaans are GATVOL!

  9. Henk Says:

    Again we see a classic example of how our tax money is “well spend”. Thanks to those that had the guts to open the bridge! Any side-bets that the bridge will not be finished by 31/12/2013?

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