DA continues to grow in by-elections across South Africa

The DA continued to grow in by-elections at the expense of the ANC in several provinces across the country yesterday.

In Ward 4, Mutale, in Limpopo the DA won 13.88% of the vote – up from 3.17% in 2011 and 1.87% in 2009.

DA one nation

In Ward 2, Vulamehlo, in Kwa-Zulu Natal the DA received 12.99% of the vote, while the ANC dropped almost 10% from 76.15% in 2011 to 67.73% yesterday.

The ANC saw a further decline in support in ward 4 (Mookgophong) in Limpopo. The DA retained this ward with 40.75% of the vote, while the ANC managed only 6.37% – down from 45.43% in 2009.

The DA retained ward 14 in George in the Western Cape with an overwhelming majority of 63.33% – up from 43.3% in 2011.

While the DA continues to grow, the ANC’s support is declining. Next year’s general elections will be contested within this changing political environment. We expect to see similar trends repeated at a provincial and national level.

People are tired of corruption, nepotism and poor service delivery. This is why, across all corners of our country, more and more people are choosing the DA as their political home.


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