Sewage spill on Aston Bay road

There is a sewage spill on the Aston Bay road across the road from Ocean View.

The sewage infrastructure in Jeffreys Bay is crumbling.

The sewage infrastructure in Jeffreys Bay is crumbling.

The spill has been caused by blocked sewage pipes between Ocean View and the Aston Bay pump station.

The Municipality is busy trying to unblock the pipes by using a high pressure cleaning system.

At this stage there is raw sewage alongside the road with a very unpleasant smell.


3 Responses to “Sewage spill on Aston Bay road”

  1. kouga voter Says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed. The DA at least communicates with the public.

  2. wilderness1 Says:

    Make sure everyone you know that can vote does so this election, so that we can take charge of our future and rid ourselves of the incompetence we’re subject to. for our health, our wealth and for the people. Vote DA. forget our differences and take a stand… thanks for informing us.

  3. Trevor Clarke Says:

    Thank you for the info.

    What can be done regarding the horrific mismanagement and oversight with the renovations to the causeway between Aston Bay and Paradise Beach.

    How is it possible for a contract to be given and “work” start with renovations without all the necessary research being done before.

    During the rains the dirt road out of Paradise Beach was extremely slippery and downright dangerous – many vehicles slipped and lost control in the thick mud.

    I have to imagine what will happen should there be more and heavier rain in the next couple of weeks.

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