DA back in charge of Tlokwe municipality

29 councillors from all parties, including the ANC, voted unanimously to replace Maphetle Maphetle

The Democratic Alliance has resumed control of Tlokwe (Potchefstr​oom) municipality. This after the failure of former Mayor Maphetle Maphetle to deal with damning forensic audit findings of corruption.

The DA commissioned the forensic audit as part of the party’s campaign against corruption during our recent period in charge of the municipality. Today 29 councillors from all parties including the ANC voted unanimously to return the DA’s Annette Combrink to the position of Mayor.

da in our future work

The DA welcomes this united front against corruption in the municipality. The DA is the only political force that can bring stability to the municipality given the severe divisions within the ANC.

We will now act immediately to deal with key delivery issues such as housing which is being affected by unsafe dolomite rocks beneath the surface threatening to collapse and endanger residents.

We will also continue the project of making communities safer through a 24 hour safety service. Importantly, we will fill all vacant positions with officials committed to delivery in Tlokwe.

A mayoral committee was appointed within minutes by Mayor Combrink, something the ANC failed to do in 3 months of office. We will also act to deal with corruption given that the forensic audit commissioned by the DA found that –

· Former Mayor Maphetle fraudulently siphoned R300 000 from the municipality’s Poverty Relief Fund to sponsor a jazz festival.

· Fraudulent transactions took place involving more than R3,2million tax payers funds relating to shares in the Mooiriver Mall.

· Abuse of the Disaster Management Fund by Mayor Maphetle

Further details of the DA’s delivery plan in Tlokwe will be made available in due course.

Statement issued by Chris Hattingh, DA Leader in the North West, July 2 2013


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