Paradise Beach causeway closed!!

The Kouga Municipality has announced that the Paradise Beach causeway over the Seekoei River is CLOSED to both vehicles and pedestrians.

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The causeway has been under repair for the past few months. One of the culverts that is still to be repaired, collapsed last night, leaving a hole in the causeway.

“The contractor doing the repairs is not on site at the moment because the high water levels are preventing them from working” said Laura-Leigh Randall from the Kouga Municipality in Jeffreys Bay.

“We cannot at this stage predict when the contractor will return to work, as the delay is the result of forces beyond their/our control” added Randall.

The causeway links Paradise Beach to Jeffreys Bay and was severely damaged during flooding last year.

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6 Responses to “Paradise Beach causeway closed!!”

  1. Rose Greyling Says:

    As a resident of Paradise Beach i do hope the situation will change in due course, to allow the work to continue until competion of the bridge, as we are in dire need of access to Jeffreys Bay. The ground road is a nightmare and our vehicles are taking heavy strain… Rose Greyling.

  2. Marie Bothma Says:

    Dis baie teleurstellende nuus. Ons voertuie kry regtig baie swaar; ons brandstofverbruik is soveel meer en die ompad neem meer van ons tyd in beslag. Selfs ons huishulpe en tuiniers ly daaronder asook skoolkinders wat soggens vroeg in die donker en koue oor die causeway moet stap. ASSEBLIEF kan daar DRINGEND moeite gedoen word om die herstelwerk so gou moontlik te voltooi. Paradysgroete Marie Bothma

  3. Delphine Says:

    The situation with the collapsed culvert is incompetence at its worst. Who are the contractors? How can the municipality state that they cannot predict when the contractor will return to work. It’s ludicrous.

    I do not receive any response from the Kouga Municipality, local councilor or even the provincial government to any of my queries relating to this fiasco. We, the Paradise Beach residents (ratepayers!!!) are treated with utter contempt by everyone involved in this debacle.

    Surely its time for you to get involved now and assist your voters in this time of need.

  4. tappe Says:

    Sover ons kon sien is daar 5 arbeiders wat werk aan die causeway, dis al sedert 09/04/2013 Toe ,het hulle nie geweet hul gaan in water werk nie , wonder ??? Hoe is kontrak toe geken?

  5. Lizette Says:

    Die Seekoeiriviermond is ‘n pragtige omgewing wat inwoners sowel as besoekers groot plesier verskaf. Ons as inwoners is werklik trots daarop en dankbaar om in so ‘n pragtige omgewing te kan woon.

    Dis werklik jammer dat die dispuut rondom die brug die klem verskuif. Effektiewe en deursigtige komunikasie sal baie bespiegelinge en frustrasies van inwoners kalmeer.

    Daar is inwoners en kundiges met goeie voorstelle op grond van hul ondervinding, kennis en agtergrond. Is daar nie ‘n manier waar hierdie persone bymekaar kan uitkom om met die betrokke partye te komunikeer en sodoende met ‘n deurvoerbare voorstel na vore te kom nie???

  6. Peter Says:

    Your article fails to address the real issues concerning the causeway. This bridge provides the only reasonable access to the village and the current closure affects several thousand permanent residents, holiday home owners and visitors. Replies published above already hint at the mood of the residents.

    We are hoping and expect the DA to play a much more active and dynamic role in assisting the residents.

    There is a proper Maintenance and Management Plan issued for the Seekoei River bridge repairs by the relevant Eastern Cape Department. This plan manages the actual work, role players, etc.
    The Kouga Municipality has repeatedly failed to keep the residents informed and also to maintain the alternative dirt roads leading to Humansdorp and St Francis. These dirt roads are in a shocking condition and extremely dangerous to use especially when wet.

    Below are some concerns to give you a feel for how desperate the residents are:

    a) The Kouga Municipality failed to manage the job. They were appointed to maintain alternative routes to Paradise Beach but to date have been absent. The was a road grader working for 2 days in May but that was before we had several rainy spells. A grader will be needed full time and even then will not be able to do much about the thick clay section through Lombardini Game Farm during and after rain.
    b) The authorities were warned not to attempt the repairs during winter. The job was scheduled to start in Feb/March but the contractor only started in April. For 2 months very little work was carried out by 4-5 employees with one jackhammer and a small generator. After 3 months they have only repaired a 10m section of the 470m bridge. The contractor told concerned residents that there is no money to justify bringing in bigger equipment. The Department was aware of slow progress and already in May requested Kouga to increase the work rate on site.
    c) The contractor walked off the job in June claiming that current high water levels prevented him from pumping the work site dry. Mr Silberbauer advised that Nature Conservation (DEDEAT) would not allow the lagoon mouth to be opened manually unless Kouga Municipality provided them with data of water level monitoring. The sand build-up at the mouth is so high that the bridge will be completely under water before the mouth will open naturally.
    d) Only some residents are brave enough to attempt crossing the bridge as it is. The average resident has cut back on trips to shops, doctors, sports facilities, churches, restaurants, etc. There are also maintenance, repair and delivery service vehicles using the bridge. We have not seen a traffic officer at the bridge since repairs started in February.
    e) Paradise Beach permanent residents are mainly retired people with small cars not fit to drive dirt roads in bad condition. Mr Wiehahn can provide more detail of health and safety concerns and also damage to vehicles of residents.
    f) There are residents badly affected by the current situation. These include those having to get their children to schools, working people needing to get to their jobs in Jeffreys Bay and PE on a daily basis. The estate agents and owners of guest houses have effectively lost their business. Suggest you send a reporter to the bridge to get a feel for the number of people crossing from 6am to 6pm daily.

    You can obtain more information from Mr Frank Silberbauer from St Francis, serving as environmental representative for the bridge upgrade plan and also from Mr John Wiehahn from the Paradise Beach Neighbourhood Watch.

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