Seekoei River causeway open for the weekend

The installation of the first set of culverts have been completed at the causeway over the Seekoei River. The causeway links Paradise Beach with Aston Bay and affords residents from the western suburb access to Jeffreys Bay.


It was decided to temporary open the causeway for light passenger vehicle traffic only from lunchtime today until 8am Tuesday 4 June 2013.

This decision was taken in light of the fact that it is pay-weekend for the contractor’s employees, during which they are afforded a long weekend as they worked during the 1 May public holiday.

Residents are urged to take extreme caution when making use of the causeway during this period and that they are using the causeway at own risk.

There are still culverts located along the roadway, resulting in portions of single lane traffic.

No heavy traffic will be allowed over the causeway during this time.

The contractor will be back on site on Tuesday morning to start with work on the second set of culverts, during which period the causeway will be closed again.

One Response to “Seekoei River causeway open for the weekend”

  1. Rose Greyling Says:

    Thanks for the information regardinjg the Causeway. Its good to know what is takin g place and we applaud the people doing the work so far. We will be so happy the day the work has been completed and we have a safe passage over the Causeway again. Rose Greyling a Resident of Paradise Beach

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