Koerat must go say angry residents

About 350 people from Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay marched onto the Kouga Municipal building yesterday morning as tensions over a lack of service delivery continue to simmer in the town.

Sewage that is poring onto the beaches, roads that cannot be driven on due to huge potholes, suppliers that are not being paid and a lack of political leadership caused the various resident associations to band together and hand over a petition to the Mayor of Kouga, Booi Koerat.

It took Koerat an hour before he decided to come out the municipal building and receive the petitions from the chairpersons of the various resident associations. “Koerat must go” became a slogan that was repeatedly shouted by the angry residents who felt that the Mayor was disrespecting them by keeping them waiting in the hot sunshine.

“We are fed up and Koerat must go”, said Harry Bateman, one of the protesters who attended the march. “We pay his salary and he keeps us waiting. It not nothing more than disrespect and we are not going to tolerate our town going to ruin any longer”.

Elza van Lingen, the leader of the Democratic Alliance in Kouga said that although the DA did not organise the march, they fully supported the residents’ associations and several of the DA Councillors did monitor the march.



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