Chaos in Council meeting

The DA caucus decided to walk out of the Kouga Council meeting yesterday after agreeing that the meeting had not been properly advertised to the residents of the area.

According to the Kouga Council’s rules of order, all councillors must be advised of any council meeting at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.

Yet, the Council meeting that was supposed to be held yesterday, was only advertised on Wednesday to the public.

The DA felt that is was unreasonable for residents to be given such a short time period to go through the 300 odd pages in the meeting pack and not be accorded the same respect and time given to the councillors.

To top everything off, the meeting scheduled to start at 11 am, only began at 11.30 am.

The Kouga Democrat will in future also provide details of all council meetings where the public can participate, to ensure the residents of the Kouga stay informed about local government issues.

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One Response to “Chaos in Council meeting”

  1. Barry Vosloo Says:

    Om op grond van die vermelde redes uit ‘n raadsvergadering te stap, is myns insiens kleinlike politiekery. Die DA-raadslede kan nie hulle ondersteuners se belange buite die raadsaal behartig nie.

    DA supporters have been pleading for more information about “local government issues” (as well as other matters) since the previous municipal election. What has caused the sudden change of heart?

    By the way, I have learnt not to expect a response to my comments.

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