Working for Change

If elected to national government, the DA will change South Africa’s economy to create millions of new jobs over the next ten years, so that no one has to live in poverty, and every South African is able to live a better life.

Apartheid denied millions of black, coloured and Indian South Africans economic opportunity, creating a country where some were included and others excluded. 18 years after the end of Apartheid, South Africa remains a country of where some are included while others are excluded. The included have access to jobs, income, skills and assets, but the excluded live in poverty, without skills and without jobs.

That is why we are working for change, and working for jobs. If elected to national government, the DA’s plan will change the economy by making it easier to invest, to start a business, to grow a business, to hire more workers and to trade with other countries, especially in Africa.

The DA’s plan for change and jobs includes:

Education for jobs. The DA will implement the successful approach of the Western Cape government, which has the highest matric pass-rate in South Africa, by giving principals performance-contracts, setting academic targets for each school, testing every grade 3, 6 and 9 for literacy and numeracy, ensuring that every child has a text book in every subject and by building more schools and classrooms.

Helping people start their own businesses. The DA will set up a one-stop-shop for business registration to dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to set up a business. We will put a cap on regulatory compliance costs, and review red tape across government to cut the cost of starting a business and hiring more workers. Businesses will be re-imbursed fully for any training they provide their workers and a nation-wide apprenticeship programme will be re-introduced.

Giving young job-seekers a Youth Wage Subsidy. The DA will roll-out the R5bn Youth Wage Subsidy programme which was announced by the President in 2010, but blocked by Cosatu.  The Western Cape government has proven a Youth Wage Subsidy can work, so the DA will implement it nationally to benefit over 400 000 young South African jobseekers. We will also provide an Opportunity Voucher to eligible young people to help subsidise their education, fund a small business, or guarantee a loan.

Building infrastructure for growth. The DA will increase the amount spent on infrastructure like roads, rail and electricity across South Africa by getting the private sector to invest through public-private partnerships. We will broaden the base of shareholders of the state-owned enterprises by setting up targetted listings to empower ordinary South Africans with shares. We will implement the successful approach of the City of Cape Town that is connecting citizens across the city by increasing transport budgets and expanding broadband internet infrastructure.

Lowering taxes for greater investment. The DA will set up Export Processing Zones with large tax breaks and other strong incentives for companies to invest and create jobs in South Africa. We will also introduce specific tax breaks to assist small businesses and help ordinary South Africans get shares in the companies they work for.  The cost of living in South Africa is increasing every week so we will work to reduce prices set by government such as electricity and water tariffs, tolls, property rates and transport and fuel costs.

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