DA tackles Kouga’s road problems

ImageA  delegation of three DA councillors,  Cllr Ben Rheeder, Cllr David Aldendorff  and Cllr Eugene Groep who serve on the Infrastructure Portfolio, was assigned to meet with KM’s top management with the aim of addressing the deplorable state of our streets and roads in Kouga.

The first  brief meeting took place on Thursday 26th July with the  Municipal Manager. He was handed various documents which contained the major infrastructural streets/roads decay. to consult with his acting directors and managers.


Attendance: D Rautenbach, E Oosthuizen, B Rheeder and D Aldendorff.

In the absence of the Municipal Manager the meeting was chaired by D Rautenbach. Referring to the document submitted by the DA to the MM last week he explained that they were not yet able to table a program for the road repairs due to the fact they had only recently obtained the document and needed more time to establish the costs.


E Oosthuizen reported he had already made arrangements for the hire of a grader and for additional staff to assist with the pothole repairs in St Francis and Jeffreys Bay.

At present he was unable to source gravel as the gravel pit was under water and with all the predicted rains in the near future it made sense to delay this operation until such time as we had some dry weather.

D Rautenbach agreed that he and E Oosthuizen would draw up a program giving dates of the areas and streets planned to be repaired and let B Rheeder have this by early next week.

150 ton of pre-mix had been ordered and pothole filling will commence as weather permitted

One Response to “DA tackles Kouga’s road problems”

  1. Gene G Tesselaar Says:

    When will the powers to be realise that ordering 150 tons of premix is spending money that will serve no purpose. It closes a hole untill the next rains. Sort out the stormwater problems first then adress the road repairs.

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