Wat is die pligte van ‘n wykskomitee?

Raadslid Henda Thiart vra of wykskomiteelede altyd weet hoe hulle hul gemeenskap kan dien deur ‘n lid van ‘n wykskomitee te wees. Aanhaling hieronder.

Understand the role of the ward committee

The local Government Municipal Structures Act 1998 says

“The objective of a ward committee is to enhance participatory democracy in local government”

1. Raise issues of concern about the local ward to the ward councillor
2. Have a say in decisions, planning and projects that the council or municipality undertakes which have an impact on the ward.
3. Increase the participation of local residents.
4. Involved in the Integrated Development Planning process.
5. Monitor the performance of the Municipality.
6. Are representative of the local ward, and are not politically aligned.

“n Vriendelike uitnodiging word gerig aan kiesers van wyke 3,8 en 11 om deel te word van u wykskomitee.

Wyk 3 laer Wavecrest Henda Thiart 0828967258

Wyk 8 Wavecrest bokant A D Keet David Aldendorf 0719119850

Wyk 11 Sentrale Sakegebied en C-Plek Mercia Ungerer 0834098776


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