Revised budget for Kouga

The two political parties in the Kouga, the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the ANC reached consensus at a Council meeting last week to increase the provision for bad debts to 10 %.

The figure presented to Council in the proposed budget was 4 %, which was totally unrealistic.

With no municipality in the country collecting even 95 % of all monies owed, Kouga needed an achievable collection rate to for the proposed budget.

This means there will be even more belt tightening for the cash strapped Kouga Municipality with its bloated salary expenditure and crumbling infrastructure.

There is no sign that the R 87 million applied for in 2011 to repair infrastructure damaged by the floods which means roads in Aston Bay and Ocean View may take years to be repaired.

The revised budget has to be approved by Council before the end of June.


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One Response to “Revised budget for Kouga”

  1. Paul Pezarro Says:

    Expert, professional opinion obtained on the KLM draft budget and MTREF for 2012/13 is that the documents are incomplete, do not comply with the requirements of National Government, do not provide adequate information to enable a proper appreciation of the KLM’s state of affairs and, therefore, the likely result of its future operations and should be rejected by Council and any other interested parties. Adjusting the provision for bad debts from 5% to 10% is nothing more than a token and does nothing to remedy the huge shortcomings and omissions in these fatally flawed documents.

    Paul Pezarro
    St Francis Bay

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