Council news – Riparian levy

The Kouga Council yesterday voted in favour of including R 4.5 million into the budget to accommodate the expected expense of saving the sand spit at the St Francis canals from total destruction this winter.

There are serious concerns that high tides and big swell could breach the spit, which protects the canals at St Francis Bay.

A court case was instituted by St Francis residents to ensure some action be taken to protect the spit.

This case will continue in court tomorrow.

It is unfortunate that the situation has landed up in court as there will once again be potential costs involved for the cash strapped Kouga Municipality.


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One Response to “Council news – Riparian levy”

  1. Dr J S Vermaak Says:

    The locality of the authorized activity are erven 645, 628, 720. 185 and 53 in St Francis within Kouga Municipality. The authorization includes new revetment (460x7m) and repairs to exciting revetments up to 1270X7 m and 270x 7m south of the Spit. This proposed work. thus includes the whole beach area at St Francis Bay and not only the Spit. The improvements (if that) stand to benefit all of the St Francis community and not only the Riparian Home Owners. The quetion thus is why only levy the Riparian Home Owners and not the whole St Francis Bay community? Furthermore, this land belongs to the Municipality and the State. We allready pay State and Municipality Tax. So if any thing has to be done it has to be paid from these Taxes and not from the proposed levy on part of the communiy

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