Gobodo report confirms corruption in Kouga

The long awaited Gobodo Report was finally released when the MEC for local government and traditional affairs Mlibo Qoboshiyane recently handed a preliminary investigation report on corruption to the Kouga municipal council.

In February last year Gobodo Inc, a firm of auditors, was contracted to conduct investigations on various allegations received from the St Francis ratepayers association.

All is not well in the finances of the Kouga

Allegations investigated included tender irregularities and irregular expenditure in the appointment of the Kouga Consortium of Valuators to conduct municipal valuations of properties.

Qoboshiyane said the municipality had failed to discipline the former chief financial officer (CFO) for his “purported involvement in the awarding of a contract for the installation of prepaid meters to a family member and his alleged failure to declare his interest when chairing the bid evaluation committee.”

Also alleged was the “sale of vacant council land to the CFO for R 17 500 when the land was valued at R 175 000 and the awarding of the Ocean View community centre tender to a friend of the CFO when there were more responsive bidders.”

The Ocean View community centre has since become a white elephant and is being vandalised with windows broken and a total lack of mainteneance being done by the municipality.

Qoboshiyane has requested a written response on how Kouga will respond to the allegations contained in the preliminary report.

The question remains though, as to why it took soo long for the report to be released in the first place. It is also time for the KPMG reports to be made public and for action to be taken on the allegations contained within these reports.


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