Welcome to the Kouga Democrat

It has been a good week for Kouga’s Democratic Party:

  • Kouga DA won the most yearly awards at the DA’s  provincial gala awards evening in Grahamstown – more about it in a later issue of KOUGA DEMOCRAT.
  • Three of our leaders were elected in DA’s provincial structures.
  • Our leader, Helen Zille, presented  a statesmanship, class paper on the DA’s role in the sinking ship of the Eastern Province, including our constituency.
  • The DA caucus scored a moral victory in Council in guiding Council to a more sensible approach re Kouga’s budget and its dire financial position.

Danny Benzon, Elza Van Lingen and Fred Campher at the Provincial congress

  • AND NOW BREAKING NEWS: Kouga’s own electronic communication vehicle with its supporters: the first issue our new blog: KOUGA DEMOCRAT
  •  During the last nine months Kouga DA tried to communicate with its DA electronic supporters via two or three blogs published by individual wards or individuals, but these pioneering efforts were not successful due to many reasons and only a very limited reader pool was involved;

With the birth of KOUGA DEMOCRAT  the DA in Kouga aims at

  •   Reaching ALL DA electronic readers in all 15 wards in Kouga;
  •   Bring readers up to date info on what is happening in Kouga and in all of its 15 wards;
  •   Inform supporters of the most recent events in the national and provincial spheres of government.
  •   We further pledge not to neglect communications with non-electronic readers by utilizing other forms of communications.

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