The DA retains Kouga Municipality

November 4, 2021

The DA is delighted to have retained a full majority in Kouga, which News24 recently ranked as the best-run municipality in the Eastern Cape and one of the top performers in the country.

“In 2016, the residents of Kouga rejected the ANC and decided instead to give the DA an opportunity to prove ourselves to them. Today’s outright win for the DA – 16 of the 29 seats in council – tells us that Kouga residents believe we pulled through for them and will do so again over the coming five years,” said DA leader John Steenhuizen.

“Our message to the residents of Kouga is that we will keep striving to live up to their expectations. We will keep doing our best to serve them with dedication, integrity and humility. We will keep getting things done for them.

The DA is excited and grateful to have this incredible opportunity to build on the foundation of good governance that we have laid over the past five years,” added Steenhuizen.

“We recognize that there is still so much to be done in Kouga. Our commitment now is to build on this progress so that we can take Kouga from good to great.

Kouga is a South African success story at a time when the people of this province need reason to hope, and proof that with good government, progress can be made.

Our sincere hope is that the story of Kouga will inspire residents in other Eastern Cape municipalities to give the DA an opportunity to bring our brand of good governance to them too. We would like to replicate our Kouga successes in more and more Eastern Cape municipalities.

When the DA took over Kouga in 2016, the municipality was in a state of decline. We stabilized Kouga’s finances and set about improving the capacity of the council to deliver to people. Our approach has been to build trust and partnerships with the community, placing people at the centre of everything we do. The results show it is a winning formula,” said Steenhuizen.

Kouga successes 2016-2021:


The ANC-run council had neither built nor facilitated the building of a single house in Kouga since 2007.

Since 2016, the DA-run council has completed 611 houses and another 3025 are in the pipeline while a further 2790 are being held up by land and infrastructure issues. This is against a backlog of about 15 000 houses needed, meaning that real progress is being made.

Home ownership:

Since 2016, over 3 000 title deeds have been delivered to rightful beneficiaries.


Over 1 800 households received access to electricity. Over 1 000 streetlights retrofitted with LED lights, to save money and the environment.


The council built a new state-of-the-art waste water treatment works and is upgrading its three other waste water treatments works, one of the many ways this municipality is working to ensure a reliable supply of clean water for residents.


In 2016, only 4% of Kouga’s vehicle fleet was operational. Today, 96% of the municipality’s vehicles are on the road every day to service communities, and 57 new vehicles have been added to the fleet.


From 2011 to 2016, the ANC-run municipality spent an average of R3.5 million per year on road maintenance. The DA-run municipality has tripled that delivery rate, spending on average over R10 million per year on repairing and upgrading roads in the past five years.

Public amenities:

In 2016, public amenities were in a state of disrepair with little to no maintenance happening. Since 2016, the DA council has undertaken a massive maintenance drive and upgraded community halls, ablution facilities, sports facilities, parks, and campsites.


By 2016, investment in Kouga had all but dried up and local businesses did not want to take on contracts for the municipality because of its reputation for non-payment.

Kouga is now an investment hub. A brand-new hospital is being built in Jeffreys Bay, while R4 billion has been invested in two housing developments, and several large companies have set up in Kouga.


The municipality won gold at the Eco-Logic awards last year for the first plastic road in Africa, built in Jeffreys Bay using recycled plastic (equivalent to 1.8 million plastic bags per kilometre of road).

This revolutionary new approach to tarring could increase the lifespan of roads while reducing maintenance costs and plastic pollution. If ever there was hard proof that the DA goes the extra mile, this is it.


Kouga has its sights on becoming the country’s leading Bioeconomy Zone and already boasts a waste-to-energy plant, a solar plant, and a biochar plant that turns invasive alien vegetation biomass into “green charcoal” which has several environmentally friendly applications.


Kouga’s finances are in a healthy state. In 2016, Kouga was heavily indebted. Today, this debt has been paid off yet cash on hand is almost double what it was back then.

Paradise Beach drop-off zone reopens

October 29, 2021

RECYCLABLES . . . garden refuse and household refuse – all at one drop-off zone.

The Paradise Beach Drop-Off Zone and Recycling Station in Johan Muller Boulevard reopened to the public earlier this month – after it closed down more than eight years ago.

“The drop-off zone consists of a ramp and three skip bins in which refuse will be stored,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks.

“Only domestic garden waste and general domestic waste can be disposed of at the site, which will then be transported by the municipality to the Humansdorp Landfill Site.”

Add to that a recycling station by Xtreme Recyclers – boasting separate bins for paper, plastic, glass, tin, and cardboard.

“We would like to request that all recyclables be separated into bags for each type before drop-off,” said Hendricks.

All building rubble and garden refuse from garden service providers must be taken directly to the Humansdorp Landfill Site.

A gate controller will be stationed at the site for security control and to assist residents.

Hendricks said the reopening of the Paradise Beach Drop-Off Zone and Recycling Station was a continuation of the Keep Kouga Clean initiative, launched by late Mayor Elza van Lingen in September 2017.

“The initiative has been growing from strength to strength over the last four years, said Hendricks. “It forms a crucial part of the municipality’s identity and character, as well as its residents and how clean our environment is.

“It is important to conserve the environment – not only for us, but for generations to come.”

The operating hours are from 08:00 to 16:00 on a Monday to Thursday and from 08:00 to 15:00 on a Friday. On a Saturday and Sunday residents can dispose of their refuse and recyclables from 08:00 to 13:00.

For more information, contact 042 291 0250.


The Paradise Beach Drop-Off Zone and Recycling Station in Johan Muller Boulevard reopened to the public earlier this month. Kouga Environmental and Waste Management Manager, Christa Venter, Kouga Community Services Portfolio Councillor, Daniel Benson, Paradise Beach resident, Lorraine Maree, Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks, and Kouga Community Services Director, Nomvula Machelesi, were
at the official opening of the site.

Why vote for the DA

October 28, 2021

Now, all over South Africa, is the time to elect leaders that will work hard for you, be on your side, and secure your future.

Independent reports show that the only towns in South Africa that work are DA towns, because the DA gets things done.

Only the DA is big enough to beat the ANC; keep the EFF out; and turn around towns and cities to end corruption, bring capable governance, and create places of opportunity and security.

Only the DA has a track-record showing that life gets better for all people where we govern. 

  • Jobs are highest and unemployment is lowest where the DA governs. During COVID-19 lockdowns, jobs have been lost elsewhere, but recovery is fastest where the DA governs. 
  • We don’t steal your money; we protect public money and deliver services to you and others. We are honest and we get clean audits every year. 
  • We don’t appoint people for political favours. We hire competent people on merit
  • We are the only party with open tender processes where we govern, so everyone can see how we award tenders. 

We don’t polarise and destroy our society by dividing South Africans on the basis of race. Instead, we are the only party that brings South Africans together and judges people by the content of their character, not the colour of their skin. The DA is the only party that receives large numbers of votes from South Africans of all races, black, coloured, white and Indian voters.

We believe in non-racialism. This means that we reject using race as a way to categorize and treat people, especially the laws of the land. 

We want to deliver the DA difference to every part of South Africa, and we can if voters choose a new beginning in this election. This is the best way to secure your future. 

The things we will get done for you, if you elect the DA to govern, contained in our Manifesto: 

  • Bring down unemployment and grow jobs. 
  • Ensure every community gets access to reliable, clean, running water. 
  • Bring regular waste collection and rubbish disposal to every community. 
  • Improve recycling and waste management. 
  • Work to free residents from Eskom load shedding. 
  • Invest in cleaning and upgrading of public parks and spaces, cut grass and maintain pavements. 
  • Invest in sports & recreation facilities and libraries. 
  • Work to integrate public transport and introduce a smart ticket across busses and taxis in our metros. 
  • Build reliable Metro Police Services where these are affordable, and launch specialized local policing units, like gang and drug units. 
  • Install crime information systems, more CCTV, body cameras for police officers, and gunfire detection systems. 
  • Reduce the time to pass building plans and get electricity connections. 
  • Release unused government land, for housing development. 
  • Help the homeless off the streets, with socioeconomic assistance. 
  • Take legal action against illegal land invasions. 
  • Help residents replace unsafe paraffin stoves, with safer means, thus preventing fires. 
  • Introduce effective by-laws to stop pollution.
  • Keep staff costs down, to spend more on service delivery. 
  • End cadre deployment. 
  • Introduce e-government services, to transact with your municipality online. 

Lets keep Kouga DA and ensure we build on the foundation that has been laid over the past five years!

Multi Million Fleet tender to improve Service Delivery in Kouga

October 28, 2021

To improve service delivery to all residents in the region, the DA led Kouga Municipality has awarded a three-year contract to four service providers for the supply of 15 various types of new vehicles.

The contracts, which was awarded on Wednesday, October 27, will see the lease of over 60 much-needed vehicles to augment the municipality’s existing fleet.

The 17 different types of new vehicles, either replacing old vehicles or adding to the fleet, include double cab bakkies, back-up loaders, refuse compactor trucks, sewer suction tankers, tipper trucks, high-rise light delivery vehicles (both 2×4 and 4×4), high pressure water and vacuum drain cleaning trucks, 4×4 tractors, flat-bed trucks (one with a crane), as well as a landfill refuse compactor, a track-type tractor (bulldozer), a forklift, a truck with a mesh cage, a grader and a vibratory soil compactor (roller).

“The vehicles will be strategically allocated to key departments to enhance the municipality’s ability to better respond to service delivery challenges,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks.

“This will not only ensure an excellent fleet, but also a well-run fleet which well maintained and fully operational.

“The new vehicles will strengthen our service departments and enable them to work more efficiently and cost effectively.

We are confident that this will help curb unnecessary delays and improve our service delivery response time.

”Hendricks said the contract will, furthermore, reduce vehicle hiring costs, which were budgeted at over R30 million in the previous financial years to R20 million in the current financial year and the two outer financial years – resulting in a saving of over R30 million over the three-year contract.

“The municipality has the option to purchase the vehicles once the contract date has expired – without any additional implications on the currently approved budget,” said Hendricks.

“This is subject to the condition of the vehicle or vehicles. If a specific vehicle is not in a good condition, we do not purchase it.

”According to Hendricks, cost will also be significantly reduced as old vehicles will be replaced and new vehicles will have a maintenance plan.

“Thus, the contract will result in major savings on the current and outer year budget.

Doing more with less and value-for-money is certainly being achieved.”

Kouga rated the best Municipality in Eastern Cape

October 26, 2021

KOUGA Municipality was rated the best performing municipality in the Eastern Cape – one of only two municipalities in the province that is not in the danger zone of collapse.

This is according to the latest News24 Out of Order Index, calculated from a set of data collated over the last two months by a News24 team.

The data used draws on National Treasury’s budget data, the Auditor General’s reports, and Statistics South Africa. It includes not only financial metrics, but also measures of unemployment, poverty and basic service delivery to households.

On a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 is a failure and 100 is perfectly performing, the municipality obtained a score of 61.

“Over the last five years we have turned the fortunes of a municipality that was on the brink of collapse into a place of hope and possibility where the pursuit of happiness and prosperity is real for everyone,” said a proud Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks.

“Paying of historical debts, bolstering the fleet from 4% operational to a proud 95%, cleaning up areas to restore a sense of dignity, unlocking human settlement developments that froze-up since 2007, implementing an asset management strategy and making the municipality investment ready.

“We did this through grit and determination, by building trust and partnerships, and placing value on the social contract we formed with our people.”

Taking Kouga Forward

According to Hendricks, service delivery highlights include the connection of more than 20 boreholes across the region, and the construction of a cutting-edge water treatment works in Kruisfontein, as well as the resealing of roads and the tarring of gravel roads.

“Close to 1 800 households received access to electricity, while more than 600 keys were handed over to new homeowners in disadvantaged communities and a total of 3 056 title deeds were delivered to the rightful beneficiaries,” said Hendricks.

Kouga has, furthermore, become one of the first municipalities in the Eastern Cape to launch a virtual portal for the submission of building plans.

The Link service delivery app was introduced just more than three years ago – an effective link between the municipality and communities.

“Big investors have already started approaching Kouga, excited by the improvements they have seen in the region and are eager to play a role in growing our economy and opening up thousands of temporary and permanent job opportunities,” said Hendricks.

Financially strong

According to Hendricks, the municipality has paid of most of the debt inherited in 2016 and has simultaneously invested in 60 new vehicles to further improve service delivery.

“Despite the uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, prudent budgeting and the collection of revenue saw a collection rate of 94% in the previous financial year – which is most likely the best collection rate in the Eastern Cape,” said Hendricks.

“Local business owners are prepared to do business with the municipality as we have ensured that creditors get paid within 30 days, something that has never happened under previous governments in Kouga.”

He said this had ensured that Kouga plays a meaningful role in the economy by supporting local business.

Good Governance

“While there are many mountains we still need to climb, and a virus that we need to combat together, we are on track and determined to deliver a system of good governance through service excellence,” said Hendricks.

“I would like to thank the Speaker, my Mayoral Committee, the Municipal Manager, and all municipal staff for their hard work and unwavering dedication this past five years to make Kouga the best municipality in the Eastern Cape.

“The support from our business sector, community-based groups and individuals has also been nothing short of amazing and we are confident that, with you by our side, no obstacles will ever be too big for us to overcome and build a strong and united Kouga.”

The DA has kept Jeffreys Bay serviced since 2016

October 21, 2021

From the Desk of Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks:

Since taking over Kouga in August 2016, we were faced with many challenges. A poorly governed municipality, wildfires, and the start of a prolonged drought, were just some of them.

Over the years, we have succeeded in turning the fortunes of a municipality that was on the brink of collapse into a place of hope – a place where the pursuit of happiness and prosperity is real for everyone.

This was done through grit and determination, by building trust and partnership, and placing value on the social contract we formed with our people, as well as placing people at the centre of everything we do.

Despite the devastation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, ravaging lives, and economies across the region, we succeeded in keeping Jeffreys Bay serviced, while caring for the communities – one of the most important aspects of what we as Council do.

While there are many mountains we still need to climb, and a virus that we need to combat together, we are on track and determined to deliver a system of good governance through service excellence.

Read more about all the service delivery highlights over the past five years, at

Kouga Municipality is the best in the Eastern Cape

October 20, 2021

The new ‘Out of Order index’ compiled by News24 has ranked the DA governed Kouga Municipality as the best municipality in the Eastern Cape and one of the top performers in the country.

The index, compiled over a period of two months, draws from sources such as National Treasury’s budget data which is used for calculating budget allocations to municipalities, the Auditor-General’s reports, and Statistics South Africa.

It also measures unemployment, poverty and basic service delivery to households.

The index places Kouga, with a score of 61 points out of 100, in the top 10 best performing municipalities in the country, on par with the DA governed Mossel Bay Municipality – which also received 61 points.

It also indicates that 14 of the top 20 best performing municipalities in the country are all governed by the DA.

“Kouga is an example of how the DA gets things done in municipalities where we govern. Over the last five years of DA government, we have made great progress to become a municipality where opportunity is growing steadily,” said DA Mayoral candidate and current Mayor Horatio Hendricks.

Our successes include:

  • R45 million was spent on our roads. We have fixed 45 000 potholes and the first gravel road upgrade to a proper tar road in over 20 years has already begun. The first plastic road in Africa is right here in Kouga.
  • We have handed over keys to 600 new homeowners in disadvantaged communities. We have also provided 3 056 title deeds to their rightful beneficiaries.
  • 1 800 households received access to electricity for the very first time.
  • Our municipal fleet section was only 4% operational under the mismanagement of the ANC, but is now 95% operational. We have acquired 58 new vehicles and repaired and refurbished 115 vehicles.
  • Getting Kouga safe has been a priority since 2020 and to date we have rolled out safety cameras around the peripheral of Kouga. This has led to successful arrests and the prevention of crime.
  • The establishment of a call centre has led to our turnaround for resolving service delivery queries being over 90% within 24 hours.

“These successes can only continue if voters give the DA the mandate to continue to govern after the Local Government Elections on 1 November 2021.

Under a DA government Kouga’s next chapter will build on our achievements, and we will strive to become the best run municipality in the country, because the DA gets things done,” added Hendricks.

Where can I vote in the upcoming Election

October 19, 2021

The 1 November local government elections are your opportunity to choose between five years of ANC corruption or the party that gets things done.

The DA has certainly got things done in Kouga since 2016 and will continue to improve service delivery in the future.

Visit to find out where you are registered to vote.

Remember: You can only vote at the voting station at which you are registered.

Should you need any help, drop us an email at

DA pressure leads to upgrades at Humansdorp Court

October 15, 2021

After 15 years of false starts and broken promises, the residents of Humansdorp will finally have a functional and decent court precinct to attend to their legal requirements.

This follows numerous oversight inspections and enquiries over the years from various members of the Democratic Alliance (DA).

“Following my oversight inspection at the court on 13 October 2020, I submitted a detailed report on the issues being faced by the staff and public at the existing court precinct and urged the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure to speed up their processes to ensure that construction could begin as soon as possible,” said Samantha Graham-Maré, MP – DA Shadow Minister for Public Works.

Parliamentary questions were also submitted to ascertain what would be done to address the most pressing concerns.

“Security and ablutions are two of the most urgent concerns we raised in our reports and parliamentary questions.

There are a large number of female personnel on the site, and there have been various incidents where members of the public and staff have been attacked due to a lack of security infrastructure and personnel.

The toilet facilities were an abomination with no facilities whatsoever for female members of the public. The toilets in the holding cells are appalling, and there are no toilets in the overflow area used to house females and juveniles when the main holding cells are full,” said Graham-Mare.

“The holding cells themselves are woefully insufficient, both from a capacity point of view and a security perspective. Members of the public can freely gain access to these cells.

The lack of proper space for the administration of the courts means piles of dockets stored in passages and on the floors of offices.

There are no offices or areas where lawyers can confer with their clients, and the seating and waiting areas for people required to attend court are almost non-existent.

There is only one broken chair for the people attending court on maintenance issues, which stands out in the open. People deserve to be treated better than this.

Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and the Democratic Alliance is extremely pleased to note that there has been site establishment by the appointed contractor on the premises to begin the renovations.

Cllr Hennie Britz, who has been driving this issue for years, and I will be monitoring the progress of the build closely to ensure that nothing prevents this project from being completed on time and within budget.

Persistence pays, and only the DA has been pushing for the renovations of the Humansdorp Magistrate Court because it is only the DA that gets things done,” concluded Graham-Mare.

How to apply for a special vote in the upcoming Municipal Election

September 30, 2021

If you are a registered voter who can’t vote at your voting station on election day for one of the below four reasons, you can apply to vote before election day on Saturday, 30 October or Sunday, 31 October.

You can apply for a special vote for one of four reasons:

  1. You can’t travel to your voting station because you are physically infirm.
  2. You can’t travel to your voting station because you have a disability.
  3. You can’t travel to your voting station because you are pregnant.
  4. You can’t vote at your voting station on election day.

Applications for special votes with the IEC close on Monday, 4 October.

Apply to register online here