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Workers Day in Patensie

May 11, 2012

Ward 10 in Patensie had a Blue Wave event on Workers Day that was well supported by DA members and the community at large.

DA supporters also handed out pamphlets to the public and engaged them about concerns they have.

A lot of service delivery issues were addressed. Poor service delivery, transport problems and education issues were raised by the public.

Elza van Lingen, Chimpy Cawood, Jan Joy and Hatting Borman were all present. Further meetings were also held at Quagga, Andrieskraal and Cambria on Workers Day.

DA support grows in the Gamtoos

April 26, 2012

DA activists are hard at work in all the wards in Kouga. It is pleasing to see how the support is growing in the Gamtoos Valley as voters are starting to realise that the DA offers a better life for all.

The DA is gaining new supporters in the Kouga

Above is Basil Japhta, the branch chairperson for Ward 10 together with branch committee members Frieda McCarthy and Miggel Didloft.

“We are determined that the DA will win Ward 10 at the next election” said Japhta. “The community is tired of empty promises and it time for a change”.

DAY branch established in Hankey

April 17, 2012

Councillor Mhomi Speelman has managed to launch a DA Youth (DAY) branch in Hankey/Weston, a traditional ANC ward. The branch is up and running and growth in DA numbers can be expected!

Councillor Mhomi Speelman with the newly elected committe of DAY in Hankey

A new branch committee has also been established in Patensie and they are also up and running and signing up new DA members. Councillor Jan Joy was joined by our MP Elza Van Lingen at the election.

Livestock in a residential area in Hankey

Residents living in the central Hankey are furious as neighbours are keeping lifestock in a residential area.

There are approximately 150 goats involved. Lots of flies are bothering residents in nearby houses and a bad smell has been noted by residents. The matter has been reported to Kouga Municipality for action.


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